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Magtech, Magnetic Commercial Flooring

Magnetech, magnetic Commercial Flooring

Magtech Magnetic Flooring
Barham and Sons' Magnetic Flooring System, Magnetech, is the optimum solution for fixing high-quality flooring to commercial areas, or indeed any setting that uses raised access floors.

Future accessability to under-floor voids is unimpeded when using Magnetech - which can be applied to any of our wood or luxury vinyl tile flooring and offers immediate benifits:

  • Strong adhesion - equal to traditionally wet-laid (glued) floors
  • No site mess or waste - grouting, joinging, glueing is simply not required
  • Installaion times greatly reduced
  • Easily replace any damaged areas
  • Move flooring between locations
  • Immediate use after laying

Prices for Magnetech are on application - please contact us for further details.

Magnetech, magnetic Commercial Flooring