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Creative Oak Sawn #5017 plank

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Barham's Hardwood Flooring Creative Oak Sawn Rijken
Barham's Hardwood Flooring Creative Oak Sawn Rijken




Creative Cross-sawn Oak hardwood flooring is bespoke finished in our Suffolk factory with a unique blend of UV colour and natural oils creating a highly durable floor ideal for any domestic or commercial setting. Creative Cross-sawn Oak has a brushed and cross-sawn surface texture showing the natural grain and colour tones of the oak surface.



Creative Oak Sawn #5017 plank is available in the following planks...

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The natural characteristics of Cross Sawn flooring will include, random saw marks across the face of the flooring with hit and miss saw cuts to make a rustic sawmill sawn effect floor; incorporating side edge breakout and splits, surface undulation and wear layer variation. Knots and pplits can be broken out, filled or unfilled with natural timber colour variation.


Creative Oak Sawn plank flooring is available in the following colours...



Note: images will not show all the natural characteristics of the selected grade, but are a fair representation of the final product. All sizes shown in millimetres mm. Range and product names do not indicate origin of product. Products can be partially produced in the UK and partially produced in factories outside of the UK.