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Creative Oak 4107 Plank

Our Creative Collection offers a range of contemporary tones specifically chosen for modern living. Finished with light brushing and a highly durable UV Oil surface coating, the graining characteristics and differing tonal qualities of the natural Oak underneath are free to present themselves creating truly unique floors of distinction. Easy to maintain, the Creative Collection offers a lifetime of aesthetic pleasure. Available in plank and selected parquet designs.



Plank | XXXL King Wide 320 20/4x320x1200-3200mm

Country Grade A Country grade floor embodies rustic charm with its authentic features. It includes knots, both sound and filled, as well as small through knots, checks, and end splits, which contribute to its natural character. The variation in color from plank to plank enhances its rustic appeal and adds visual interest. Up to 12.5% sapwood or mineral streak on each plank's face surface adds to the floor's natural beauty and complements its country-style allure.


Price £88.75 m2

Excluding VAT
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Suitable for...

Living Room

Dining Room





Office Spaces

Retail Spaces






XXXL King Wide 320 20/4x320x1200-3200mm


Width mm


Length mm


Total Depth mm


Wear Layer mm



Engineered Oak




Tongue and Groove





M2 Per Pack




Underfloor Heating




Fequently Asked Questions


Can I colour match flooring to existing wood decor?
In most cases, yes. As we manufacture our own flooring we can offer a bespoke service where we can colour match to your existing hardwood decor - ie other flooring, doors, trims &c.

Please note we will explore your options and colour required before we can fully commit to offering this service.
What is the difference between Solid and Engineered Oak?
Solid Oak flooring is as it says, each plank is a singular solid piece of timber. Engineered Oak has an Oak layer on a ply of other woods.

Engineered oak is the preferred product for most customers as it is much more economical in its use of wood, and is also less liable to contraction and expansion within planks.

Other subjects to consider when choosing are the benefits Engineered Oak offers over the lifetime, installation, and mainteneance of the product.
Is flooring easy to install?
We would always advise that you use the services of a professional installer.

It is of course possible to install yourself with the right tools, time, effort, thought and revision, but of course there are always areas that require that extra knowledge on-hand to a professional.
Is hardwood flooring suitable for use with underfloor heating?
In most cases, yes.

However, care has to be taken with the surface temperature of the sub-floor to not exceed the recommended maximum as this will of course cause faults with the installation and damage to the actual flooring material itself.

Out team are always on hand to advise, and of course professional installers will have advice and recomendations.
Should I glue my flooring or leave it floating?
The answer depends on your choice of product and of course the soundness of the sub-floor onto which the flooring will be installed.

Generally, a click-fit product can be floating, whereas a traditional tongue and groove product is best glued or secret nailed/screwed. If required, it is also possible to float a tongue and groove product with the use of a joint adhesive. Any products emplopying a 'triple' tongue and groove though, should always be glued down.

It is always best to use the skills and knowledge of a professional installer for your project as the sub-floor condition is critical to the correct installation so as not to cause issues down the line.
Can flooring be installed onto existing stair cases?
Yes, most of our flooring is suitable for insallation on stairs. But of course, this very much depends on the style/pattern of flooring you are laying as this will have a bearing on the installion technique and final aesthetic.

We throroughly recommend you seek a professional installer to do this for you as there are other products required for finishing edges and treads, and also ensuring your installion is both sound and safe.

More information

If you have any further questions, or would like to talk to us further about our hardwood products, please telephone a member of our team on:
01638 561978, option 1, between 8:30 to 5:00pm Mon-Sat,



Select the ideal plank for your project... by grade, by price, by width, by length, by wear layer, by depth


Creative Oak 4107 Plank is available as...


Plank Name
XL Premier 190
Size W/L/D mm
190 x 400-2400 x 15


Plank Name
Premier Click 190
Size W/L/D mm
190 x 600-2200 x 15


Plank Name
XXL Premier 260
Size W/L/D mm
260 x 600-2800 x 15


Plank Name
XXXL King Wide 320
Size W/L/D mm
320 x 1200-3200 x 20


Plank Name
Supreme 190
Size W/L/D mm
190 x 600-1900 x 20


Plank Name
Supreme 300
Size W/L/D mm
300 x 600-2200 x 20


Plank Name
Premier 240
Size W/L/D mm
240 x 600-2200 x 15





  • Delivery Bespoke product 'order-production-delivery' is between 1 to 3 weeks
  • Images will not show all the natural characteristics of the selected grade, but are a fair representation of the final product.
  • Brand and Product Names do not indicate origin of product. Products can be partially produced in the UK and partially produced in factories outside of the UK.
  • Smoked/Infused Colour variation is a natural tone reaction due to the sapwood and grain density within any plank. Colour variation is a prevalent aspect of smoked infused floors. Planks can vary from light to dark. This is a natural aspect of a smoked floor and is included within the grade and the flooring supplied.






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