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Engineered Oak Plank Flooring

Hard surface flooring options seem to have exploded with tons of options over the last several years. With new products can come new, innovative choices that may seem a bit foreign to someone looking to invest in beautiful, durable flooring. This is especially true with something called engineered oak plank flooring.

What Is Engineered Oak Plank Flooring?

While this type of oak flooring has a fairly long name, the planking itself is pretty simple.

Plank flooring consists of individual wooden strips placed down on the floor to form various colour and textural patterns. The wood grain and natural colours give plank flooring a unique appearance every single time. People love the natural aesthetics which come with our plank flooring products. Many people believe plank flooring has the most natural look because the colours and textures blend so well together. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the individual planks if the colours align perfectly.

Is Engineered Oak Plank Flooring Right for You?

If you’re unsure about engineered oak flooring, it can help to learn a bit more about this option. With engineered flooring, its construction is both strong and long-lasting. When they make this type of oak flooring, the planks have layer upon layer of wood stacked in different directions to give it excellent, reinforced strength. The way it’s constructed also prevents the wood from bowing or becoming warped if exposed to moisture.

One of the unique benefits of engineered oak plank flooring is that it is made to be strong enough to use anywhere in a home or office, even at the bottommost level. If you have a basement where you’d like to install plank flooring, you should talk to our flooring professionals to see if engineered plank flooring would be a good fit.

If you’re concerned that engineered flooring looks different from traditional plank flooring, it doesn't have any visible differences at all. The veneer provides the same lustrous, smooth wood surface that you would expect with traditional plan flooring.

Engineered oak plank flooring is easy to care for and maintain. Gentle, regular cleaning along with making sure no moisture sits on the floor for long periods will keep your floors in great shape for many years.

Are There Any Benefits to Having Engineered Oak Plank Flooring?

There are many benefits to having engineered oak plank flooring! We’ve already discussed that this flooring looks like solid wood and that maintenance and cleaning are simple. But there are even more benefits to deciding to put this kind of flooring down in just about any place.

For anyone who lives in an area or environment that would cause wood flooring to contract and expand, engineered plank flooring can tolerate moisture better than traditional planks. The chance that a wood floor could become damaged is a huge deterrent that makes some people think that they can’t enjoy oak plank flooring. The risk of environmental damage is much less with engineered oak plank flooring.

The installation of engineered oak plank flooring is incredibly easy. Whether it’s in the kitchen or home office, the ease of installation should ensure that the project is done quickly and efficiently.


Engineered oak plank flooring has become one of the most popular to install for good reason. This flooring is durable, easy to install, beautiful, and affordable. Once you understand the benefits of engineered oak plank flooring as well as how economical and stunning it is in any space, you’ll want to talk to a flooring specialist as soon as possible.

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Creative Oak Plank UV Oiled Custom Made Plank Floor Super Duty & Great Natural Look, Check Out All Our Creative Colours / 40% OFF SHOP PRICES / FREE SAMPLES / LIFE TIME WARRANTY / Also Available In XXL Plank / MADE IN SUFFOLK
Creative Oak 4107
from £49.50 m2

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Great Colour Soft Gray Tone ALL Creative Colours are UV Oiled Surface Coating / In Plank & Herringbone / Also Available In XXL Plank / MADE IN SUFFOLK
Creative Oak 4152
from £49.50 m2

plank options and prices

Great Natural Oak Tone, Creative Oak UV Oiled Available in Plank & Herringbone
Creative Oak 4230
from £49.50 m2

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New Colour Creative Oak 4230 Uv Colour Oiled Available in all Plank Sizes & Types Inc Herringbonne / SAVE 40% OFF SHOP PRICES / FREE SAMPLES

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