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Oak and Walnut Plank Flooring 

Wooden plank flooring is one of the most attractive types of flooring available. In addition to its great looks, hardwood plank flooring also helps to add some cosiness to homes that you just don’t get with carpets and other types of flooring.

Other benefits of wood flooring include ease of maintenance, reduced dust and allergens, and durability. In most cases, all it takes is to sand and finish the flooring once every ten years or so, and it will remain looking as good as new for generations.

Another advantage of wooden plank flooring is flexibility. Wood comes in different colours, helping you to get a finish that will help complement any room. Two of the most popular woods used in plank flooring are Oak and Walnut, and this article takes a closer look at both.


Oak is one of the most popular woods of all. Not only does oak look great, but the oak tree is relatively abundant, making it one of the more affordable hardwoods. In addition, oak is dense when compared to other types of hardwood, and its density helps to make it strong and durable. There are two main types of oak to choose from:

Red Oak

Red Oak has a stronger grain than white oak does, making it popular who want flooring with a clearly visible grain. The grain is also beneficial in that it helps to mask scratches and other damage, making it a good choice for families with children and pets.

White Oak

Despite its name, white oak is a little lighter in colour than red oak, although the difference is not significant. White Oak is also slightly stronger than Red Oak, but the difference is not usually significant enough to affect decisions when it comes to flooring.

Regardless of which type of oak you prefer, bear in mind that both can be stained to affect their appearance. Some stains will make your oak almost white in colour, while others will make it almost black.


Walnut is another popular option, although it’s a little more expensive than oak is. The grain is more open than oak, which makes the wood a little softer and not as strong. However, the differences in softness and strength make little difference when it comes to flooring.

Walnut is often preferred for its natural deep chocolate colour, although it can be stained just as oak can be. While oak is itself a beautiful wood for flooring, walnut will help to give a more luxurious feel.


Whichever type of wood works best for you depends on factors like your budget, personal preferences, and your home décor. Regardless of which type of wood you prefer, all woods are fairly easy to maintain, and regular sweeping is usually all you need.

If you want to know more about wood plank flooring and the different types of wood available, give us a call, and we will be happy to help. Our team is looking forward to your call.


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