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Nosing Profile (20mm) Rounded Bullnose


Solid oak finishing trims supplied Colour Matched or colour matched to our flooring collections





Currently available...

Nosing (20mm) Rounded 2900mm UnFinished

RRP £220.00 Trade £165.00 

Quantity Required   

Nosing (20mm) Rounded 2900mm Finished

RRP £180.00 Trade £135.00 

Quantity Required   

Nosing (20mm) Rounded 960mm UnFinished

RRP £60.00 Trade £45.00 

Quantity Required   

Nosing (20mm) Rounded 960mm Finished

RRP £73.00 Trade £55.00 

Quantity Required   

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* Colours are NOT applied to 'unfinished' products. Whilst every care is taken to represent a good colour likeness, device screens by their nature, will show colour differences to final product. If possible, it is always best to supply a sample that we can match to.

Frames and Mouldings are made from prime grade material and will represent a colour within the overall flooring where there is colour variation due to the natural characteristics of your installed grade.

Note: images will not show all the natural characteristics of the selected grade, but are a fair representation of the final product. All sizes shown in millimetres mm. Range and product names do not indicate origin of product. Products can be partially produced in the UK and partially produced in factories outside of the UK.



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