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Benchmark Oak #3021 plank

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Barham's Hardwood Flooring Benchmark Oak 3021
Barham's Hardwood Flooring Benchmark Oak 3021
Barham's Hardwood Flooring Benchmark Oak 3021
Barham's Hardwood Flooring Benchmark Oak 3021





Benchmark Oak hardwood flooring is bespoke finished in our Suffolk factory with a unique blend of UV colour and natural oils creating a highly durable floor ideal for any domestic or commercial setting. Benchmark Oak has a brushed surface texture showing the natural grain and colour tones of the oak surface.


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Benchmark Oak #3021 is available in the following planks...



Width 148mm
Length(s) 300-1200mm
Wear Layer3mm
Depth (inc. WL) 10mm
Grade Rustic
Per Pack1.74m2
Fitting Tongue & Groove


Premier Click 127

Width 127mm
Length(s) 300-1230mm
Wear Layer3mm
Depth (inc. WL) 15mm
Grade Rustic
Per Pack1.25m2
Fitting Living-Loc Click


Elite 150

Width 150mm
Length(s) 300-1200mm
Wear Layer5mm
Depth (inc. WL) 18mm
Grade Rustic
Per Pack1.65m2
Fitting Tongue & Groove


Traditional 150

Width 150mm
Length(s) 300-1200mm
Wear Layermm
Depth (inc. WL) 18mm
Grade Rustic
Per Pack1.08m2
Fitting Tongue & Groove

Plank TypeDepth mm Wear mm Width mm Length mm Grade Trade Discounted You need Total  
Original 10 3 148 300-1200 Rustic £25.00 £20.00 - -  
Premier Click 127 15 3 127 300-1230 Rustic £33.00 £24.75 - -  
Elite 150 18 5 150 300-1200 Rustic £38.00 £36.10 - -  
Traditional 150 18 150 300-1200 Rustic £43.00 £40.85 - -  





The natural characteristics of Benchmark Oak will include surface brushed texturing, undulation, and wear layer variation. Knots and splits can be broken out, filled or unfilled. With natural timber colour variation


Benchmark Oak plank flooring is available in the following colours...



Delivery: Bespoke product 'order-production-delivery' is between 1 to 3 weeks

Note: images will not show all the natural characteristics of the selected grade, but are a fair representation of the final product. All sizes shown in millimetres mm. Brand and product names do not indicate origin of product. Products can be partially produced in the UK and partially produced in factories outside of the UK.

Smoked/Infused colour variation is a natural tone reaction due to the sapwood and grain density within any plank. Colour variation is a prevalent aspect of smoked infused floors. Planks can vary from light to dark. This is a natural aspect of a smoked floor and is included within the grade and the flooring supplied.



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