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Woodland Oak Laminate #LAX015 Fumed Oak

Barham's Hardwood Flooring Fumed Oak




The Woodlands laminate flooring selection offers an affordable floor that looks fantastic and geniune in any area. With various designs that accurately reflect the natural appearance of hardwood, you can add the appearance of real timber to your space.





Woodland Oak #LAX015 is available in the following planks...


Width 195mm
Length(s) 1202mm
Wear Layer mm
Depth (inc. WL) 12mm
Pack Size 1.875m2

RRP £33.00 Trade £25.00 Now £17.50m2  

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Floor Area m2

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Woodland Oak flooring is available in the following colours...



Note: All sizes shown in millimetres mm. Range and product names do not indicate origin of product. Products can be partially produced in the UK and partially produced in factories outside of the UK.



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