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Natural Wood Walls

Very on trend presently are natural wood walls, not as a wall covering, but real wood. These feature walls bring a whole new aspect to interior design and offer a much more aesthetic and tactile design with all the beauty that real wood offers.

Being a natural wood specialist, all our flooring products are designed for multi-purpose use and each and everyone can be fitted to a wall with ease - it is just the same a laying a floor but upright!

Of course, the same rules apply; you need a sound, solid and flat surface to attach the boards to and fitting is pretty much the same whether for the experienced amateur or professional wood floor fitter.

Using natural wood on your walls brings some benefits too! It is a great insulator, it can make the room appear wider using a horizontal pattern, longer by using a vertical pattern, and adds a perceived warmth (on top of its natural insulation properties).

Before choosing a natural wood for your walls, do consider the weight of the boards and how they will affect the wall they are fitted to - especially light stud walls, and uneven or bowed walls. If in doubt, seek the services and advice of a professional joiner.

Don't forget, that we also supply all the accessories you will need, and joints and can colour match any of our 'finishing' products to your chosen boards.

Please browse our flooring products, and just tell us they are for wall usage when ordering or enquiring!

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