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Barham and Sons produce custom oak flooring and doors. We provide outstanding quality products and service, along with expert advice and aftercare. We ensure, that we are, as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Barham and Sons Bespoke Wood Finishing

Bespoke and Unique Wood Finishing

Colour match our range of hardwood floors to your doors and interior fittings: Staircases, Doors, Skirtings, Trims, Joinery, Cabinets, Headboards, kitchen joinery etc.

We offer bespoke finishing services for interior oak products including and exceeding those mentioned above.

Barham & Sons understand that aesthetics are important to all projects; so using our specialist techniques for texturing and applying fuming agents and olis, we can create a diverse range of tones and colours of any description whether we are matching a specific colour, or custom designing an individual tone.

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